Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Social Media Sites Are Not Free At All

A lot of people don't know this but facebook is not really free. It's like "Do me a favor and I'll let you use some good features from facebook". Many people only use facebook and other social media sites just to connect to other people, or it's just a modern day Diary wherein they post whatever they do, whatever they wanna say even if the topic is so sensitive that it should be advisable not to post it on public.

So why I said facebook is not free?
Maybe facebook is free when in terms of service like chats, games, uploads but they get revenue from advertisers, it is like a television channel wherein TV shows can't be aired without advertisers who pay for a brief commercial right before it, after and intervals of a TV show. Some people even don't know that Mark Zuckerberg(CEO and FOUNDER of facebook) is just an ordinary person right before facebook went trending and the world's no. 1 site today, but after making the site so viral that it reaches billions of traffics in a short period of time facebook owner, founder and CEO is one of the richest young people all over the world and listed at number 24 of most influential people all around the globe according to forbes magazine.

So how does really facebook owner made a fortune with the site?
Okay just to make a brief explanation, there are billions of facebook users who are visiting the site everyday, so for a site to run smoothly and run with a profit, they need advertisers. Do you see pictures of products, personality, games, recommended pages and everything at the right side of your profile? Those are the advertisements what I'm talking about, So let's say in the Philippines, there is around 50 million viewers who watched television shows, then channels and networks are the one who are on the top companies in the country. Then what if you have a billion of audience right? Just what facebook have.

So before you say that facebook is a free site then think again.


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